Sunday 4 December 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 148

 The new challenge from International Art and Soul was set by my team mate Crafty Girl. It's a long challenge - five weeks this time, and she wants projects on the theme of Winter.

It's a long time since I've made a card using only die cuts, but I was inspired to do this. The background panel die is from Frantic Stamper, the Winter die from Sheena Douglass, and the snowflakes were cut using a very old Cuttlebug die. It was one of the earliest I bought, and I could never cut it with my Spellbinders Wizard die cutter. It was simply too thick, and with the heavy-duty cutting plates that machine used, and the problems of reversing it if something went wrong, it simply lay, unused, until I got my Big Shot Pro. Now, of course, it cuts easily, and the combination of snowflakes and stars is always useful.

The white card is a pearlescent white with a lovely sheen that the photo has completely failed to represent,

In the meantime, I wish you a very happy festive season and all the very best for 2023, and hope you can join us for the challenge. 

Sunday 20 November 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 147

 The challenge for this fortnight was set by my team mate Maggie, and she wants us to post something with a Fancy Fold.

I spotted instructions for an Infinity card on Craftworld recently. I tried one of these years ago, and it was horribly difficult with having to separate out sections using a craft knife. I wasn't impressed. This version just uses four separate pieces of card, and was so much easier! You can see the instructions here.

Then, I saw somewhere, I think it was a Lavinia Facebook group, where someone had filled the various panels with different pictures and decided to try something similar. The basic card started with four pieces of card, each 8in by 4in, and the end result is 8 by 8in. This is what I came up with!

This is the front. I created the picture as a whole and then cut it to fit the panels. Anywhere there is an opening or a fold, I treated as a separate panel. The stamps here are a mix of Lavinia and Inkylicious, and the background inks are Distress while the stamping ink was Versafine Clair.

When you open as if the card is a gatefold, you get this:

Mainly Lavinia with one Inkylicious stamp as well as some Tapestry stamps in the lower, large image. When you open this along the line between the cat and the sprite, you get this:

The poppy images are the same as in the last photo - visible on two 'sides' of the card. Again Lavinia, Inkylicious and also some Clarity stamps along with stencils from a set I got at The Range. And finally, opening along the central vertical line, you get this:

Stamps this time are from Inkylicious, Artemio, Woodware, and Personal Impressions.. I left a panel without an image so I can add a message.

Throughout, I've added detail to the stamped images using Posca pens, and on this face, I added a little glitter. Opening this along the horizontal centre returns you to the front of the card.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 6 November 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 146

 The challenge for this fortnight was set by my team mate Christine, and she wants us to make a Christmas card. 

The amount of time I spend on Christmas cards varies depending on how close to Christmas it is, but there's still a while to go now, so I've been making some stitched cards. 

The tree and pot pattern is from Stitching Cards and is copyright to them. I bought the pattern a few years ago, and I love it, so this year, I've done several in different colour schemes, and I've added the stitched frame to complete the effect.

The varigated thread I used each time is from Sulky. I do love their Blendable range. The gold thread is from Anchor.

The metallic thread this time is silver and from Krenik.

In each case, I've varied the way I've stitched the pot, and I've added some glitter gel pen to complete the effect.

So, quite a good start on my Christmas cards, but I've still got a fair number to do. I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 23 October 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 145

 This fortnight's theme was set by my time mate Debbie, and she wants to see Autumn-themed projects.

When tidying my craft space recently (I know, and it wasn't much tidier when I finished!) I came across a background I made some time ago and didn't use for some reason. It was perfect for this theme, so I used it as a starting point and came up with this:

I created the background using some leaf stamps, stamped in a Kaleidocolor ink pad in Autumn shades. I then coloured the leaves with Promarkers in shades close to the outlines. I then added some raindrop images using an Inkylicious stamp. I finished the background using some Distress Ink.

The sentiment was stamped using another Inkylicous stamp, using Versafine ink and copper embossing powder. Again, I added some background colour uisng Distress Ink, and layered both the background and sentiment with brown card and attached everything to a gold-coloured blank card from Tattered Lace. And that's it.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 9 October 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 144

 This challenge was set by my team mate Chriss, and she would like to see projects in orange and black. 

My first thought on seeing that colour combination is that I don't like orange, and then a moment later, that I do like peach, coral, and all sorts of oranges that are not the shade I immediately think of as 'orange'. Funny how my brain works!

So, armed with a couple of Lavinia stamps, a couple of Lavinia stencils, an Inkylicious mask, a rubber stamp of unknown origin, some Distress Ink, a black fineliner and a little paint pen, I came up with this.

It's a simple card, and I had to force myself to leave it overnight to stop me adding more decoration. I did, in fact, add a few small stamped images (the rings) the next day, but stopped there. The Lavinia stencils are fairly obvious, I think, but the Inkylicious mask is one of their sun/moon circles, and I used it in pale areas to give some overlapping discs shapes, the most obvious of which is towards the bottom left corner. I just wanted to tone down some fairly white areas with ink that was already on my brush. I used mainly Spiced Marmalade, but added a little Crackling campfire on the background.

The Lilium flowers (the group and one of the individual stamps) were stamped in Versafine Clair ink, and the outlines of the flowers accentuated with a paint pen. I then used Distress Ink in Crackling Campfire as a watercolour for the rest of the flowers.

A very fine black mat, and that's it. I haven't added a sentiment, might might well do that when I know where the card is going.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 25 September 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 143

 The challenge for this fortnight was set by my team mate Jane who wants projects on the theme of Trees/Wood.

The focal image is stamped using stamps from Lavinia (tree trunks), Inkylicious (branches and ferns) and Clarity (leaves). I used an Inkylicious mask for the distant hills, and some die cut paper tomask the sun. The background was inked using Distress Ink. Most stamping was done in Versafine Clair, although the leaves are also stamped in Distress Ink. I coloured any clear parts of the trunks or leaves with coloured pencil.

The background was embossed with a Crafter's Companion folder, and I added some Versafine Clair ink to the raised areas with a brayer. I used an orange base card (from Tattered Lace) some card for matting, and some ribbon from my stash to complete the card.

Sunday 11 September 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 142

 The challenge for this fortnight was set by my team mate Craftygirl, and she would like to see projects with a Transport theme.

I struggled a bit with this. My stash contains a multitude of flowers, butterflies, landscape bits, fairies, but not a lot in terms of modes of transport. I solved the issue by going to Stitching Cards where I picked up a couple of patterns I could use. I made this card for my brother-in-law.

The stitching design is called Sunset, and while it suggests using all metallic threads, I used what I had to hand. For the clouds, I used some holographic gold thread, and for the rest I used various shades of Sulky varigated thread. I love how that gives that random shading to the sun, reflections and even the sails on the yacht.

The spotty paper if from a very old Papermania pad, and the sentiment was stamped using Versafine Clair ink and a stamp from a Creative Expressions set.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 28 August 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 141

 The challenge for this fortnight was set by my team mate Chriss, and she chose Birthdays as the theme. 

I made a card for my sister's birthday. I'd been playing with infinity cards, having found a really easy method on Craftworld. And here it is:

The Front

So far, so conventional. The magic starts when you open it up, gatefold style.

Side 2

And then, you open again along the centre horizontal opening and get:

Side 3

And you open again, gatefold style to get:

Side 4

And, if you open again along the horizontal opening, you are back to where you started.

The images are all digital, sized to work on the card. Most are Dover Books clip art - either from books/CDRoms I bought years ago, or downloaded samples. You can register with the US site to get a weekly email with samples. It used to be primarily clip art, but these days it's often excerpts from other books. The exceptions are the window and lace images on side 3 which are from a Crafty Image Emporium CDRom which was one of my earliest crafting purchases, and the two-colour panel which I put together in Photoshop Elements so I can write a message because this is a birthday card for my sister.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 14 August 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 140

 The theme for this fortnight's challenge was set by my team mate Jennie, and she wants to see the Colours of Fruit.

I went for blueberries, oranges, strawberries, grapes, lemons, peaches and maybe some watermelon.

I started with dies designed by Susan Tierney-Cockburn. The button chrysanthemums are a favourite of mine, and I've added some ferns and some forsythia from her original Sizzix range of dies. The dark blue was also cut using a Sizzix die, and the paper was a magazine freebie which seemed to work perfectly with the flowers. (Not too surprising, as it was from a fruit-themed set!)

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 31 July 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 139

 The theme for this fortnight was set by my team mate Hazel, who wants projects on the theme Happiness.

I started with what makes me happy. Well, that would be a whole range of things - family and friends, crafting, colours, flowers. So, this is what I came up with:

So, we've got flowers and pretty colours, and of course, the card will go to a friend or family member, so that covers quite a few things.

The floral image comes from a book called Embroidery on Paper for Every Occasion by Joke and Adriaan de Vette. It's one of the best books on paper embroidery I own (and I have several) but I'd never used this pattern before. And, technically, I haven't used it now, as I wanted something a bit squarer than the original, so I added an extra flower - the one on the right is a repeat of the other pink one. I used machine embroidery thread throughout.

Having competed the embroidery, I added a purple line around the card using a Sharpie, then added a shallow matt in pink.

To complete the card, I added some embroidery to the base card as you can see. This time, I used a brass stencil to prick out the pattern of ovals, and then I filled them, using stitches 2, 4, 6, and 8 holes 'long'. I've always been fascinated by the way you can make curves with straight lines, and I remember as a child, my dad making me a board with nails evenly spaced along two axes so I could do some thread art, so that's another reason for happiness.

And that's it. I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 17 July 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 138

 The challenge for this fortnight was set by my team mate Maggie, and she wants projects which are Masculine.

I decided to use one of the Tonic stitching die sets I bought a while ago, but haven't used a great deal. But, once I'd done one card, I carried on until I had three - one with each set for my husband, my son, and my daughter's partner on their birthdays.

Colours were chosen for the different recipients. I cut three layers for each, stitched the top two together, then added the third, and that's about it! (The blue one has an extra square mat because the light blue didn't give enough contrast to the white card.) I've used Sulky varigated thread throughout - greys for the black/white and blue cards, and gold for the green one.

These make very easy cards - a little time-consuming - but I stitched the layers while watching TV, so it didn't seem that way.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 3 July 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 137

 The challenge for this fortnight was set by my team mate Chriss, and she wants to see projects in Red, White and Blue!

I've gone way out of my comfort zone for this, and produced a card with a lot of white space. I was inspired by a video from Eileen Godwin. My version is much simpler and doesn't use Lavinia stamps!

It's a single layer image, stuck directly to a blank greetings card. I've used four inks - Distress Ink in Blueprint Sketch and Festive Berries and Versamark Clair in Tulip Red and Mediaeval Blue. The only other colour is from Posca pens in metallic blue and red.

I began by using Distress Ink and a ruler to create the inky lines. Then, I masked an area and spattered the rest with diluted Distress Ink. I then stamped the flowers (from an issue of Creative Stamping Magazine) and the sentiment (from Spellbinders) using Versafine Clair. I used diluted Distress Ink to fill in the flowers, and a Sharpie pen to add a blue border to the whole sheet. The Posca pens, as an afterthought, provide an edge to the panel.

So, way out of my comfort zone. But, while I have things I'd do differently next time, I'm not unhappy with the result.

I do hope you can join us this time!

Sunday 19 June 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 136

 The challenge for this fortnight was chosen by my team mate Jane, and she wants to see projects featuring 4 Legged Friends

I've spent some time this year (and last year) trying to get better at creating landscapes, and while I've managed to get a bit better, I still don't feel 'I've arrived'! But, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy trying.

For this card, I wanted a kind of fantasy landscape. I started with a piece of card for a DL card, and roughly designated 'sky' and 'ground' using Distress Ink in Peeled Paint and Broken China. Then, I added some detail to the ground using paper masks and more Distress Ink. That done, I added a bit of unrealism with a stencil of differently-sized spots and more Distress Ink - this time in Mustard Seed. I added some vegetation to the sky area using a Crafter's Companion leafy stencil.

The next step was to add some stamping, so I started with the cat, and continued with the bluebells and text - all from Lavinia. Then I added some cow parsley and the butterfly, both from Inkylicious.

At this stage, I deepened the colour of the edges using more Distress Ink in Stormy Sky and Forest Moss, and completed the picture with some Posca pens to accentuate the bluebells and cow parsley, and finally to add detail to the butterfly and to the background.

Stamping mainly used Versafine Clair, although some of the Cow Parsley used more Distress Ink to create a subtler effect.

I completed the card with a little gold metallic shading around the edges, but that's so subtle it's not at all visible in the photo!

I wanted a magical corner in spring with the sunlight reflecting off pollen and dust and the cat studying her surroundings from a secluded spot. 

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 5 June 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 135

 The challenge for this fortnight was set by my team mate Jennie who wants projects with a theme of Summer

I'm not a fan of summer, it has to be said. But I am a fan of the coast, and listening to the water, although I generally avoid it when the weather's hot and sunny. But it's still what comes to mind when I think of summer, so this is what I came up with.

I started with the stamp of deck chairs which came with Creative Stamping magazine some time ago. I coloured the image with my Koh-i-Noor pencils, and lightly shaded the background with the same pencils - a very subtle effect to remove the whiteness and no more.

Then, I added more colour with Pan Pastels rubbed on using cotton wool make-up removal pads. At this point, I almost ruined the whole thing. I wanted to add some white to the water, and thought I'd use an oil pastel crayon, thinking it would mix well with the Pan Pastel. Well, it didn't. The white oil pastel was invisible against the blue, until I put some more Pan Pastel on top, and then it showed darker than the surrounding area. But, fortunately with Pan Pastels, it's possible to erase, and that's what I did, carrying on and removing colour to get the white sea foam effect. I used the eraser again to just go around the stamped image to sharpen it where it had been softened by the Pan Pastel. I added a little more white using a white gel pen, and finally the sentiment which is from the same set as the deck chairs, and I stamped it in Versafine Clair in green.

A little matting, and that's it. I do hope you can join us this time!

Sunday 22 May 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 134

 It's my turn to choose the challenge theme for this fortnight, and I've gone for one of my favourites, and I hope it'll be something you find fairly easy too. I want you to Say it with Flowers!

I first started following Susan Tierney-Cockburn when I got her book showing how to make realistic flowers from punched shapes. I've still got a box of punches, many of which were bought specifically for that purpose. Snowflakes make pretty good calixes! But dies are much easier, and I've been collecting her dies since her first collection  with Sizzix. I haven't bought too many of her more recent collections largely because there have been a lot of repeats, but the one flower I've been waiting for is the freesia. Not only do I love the perfume from those, but it was my mum's favourite flower. So, when I spotted freesia among the latest Spellbinders collection, I had to get it.

The frame is 12in square, and due to a miscalculation, I've had to leave the glass out as the flowers are a bit too three-dimensional! But the result is intended to be a placeholder until I can finish a piece of blackwork to go with one I've already completed. Anyway...

The background was made using Distress Oxide, and I blended, stencilled and used a rubber texture spatula to create the various effects. The flowers are ll freesia, and I've added some more of Susan's foliage to the arrangement. I used green card for the foliage, but the freesia (and their own leaves) used white card that I'd coloured with Promarkers, and added further detail with Pan Pastels. I love how freesia can have different colours, so that's what I went for here.

I'm looking forward to seeing your flowers, whether they're stamped, drawn, die cut, clay, wire, or however else you want to make some flowers.

Sunday 8 May 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 133

 The challenge for this fortnight was set by Jane, and she wants to see projects where there are three of something. That could be three embellishments, three images, three ribbons, whatever you like.

I've been working on backgrounds a lot of late, and after some inspiration on You Tube, I came up with this:

The background started with Distress Oxide inks which I blended together, Then I added some more detail with Pan Pastels before stamping the Lavinia fairy, foliage and words. I added some further detail with a glitter gel pen, a white gel pen, and some Posca pens.

It's not obvious from the photo, but the black background is quite twinkly. I embossed it using a Crafter's Companion folder, then applied some Versafine Clair ink with a brayer too the very fine leaf detail. I had hoped for more colour transfer, but when it didn't happen, I heat embossed using some clear holographic powder.

To finish, I added three flower gems and three tiny clear gems I've had in my stash for a very long time. I suspect it's about three years since I last even opened the box where I keep sticky gems, so it was nice to get them out.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 24 April 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 132

 This fortnight's challenge was set by my team mate Christine, and she's chosen the theme Things with Wings.

My first thought was Lavinia silhouettes, but then I had a change of direction, and got out my Ching Chou Kuik/Sweet Pea stamps. 

It's a long time since I've used these stamps, and I've done very little colouring of late, so I honestly didn't expect a lot.

I stamped the image with Versafine Clair and coloured mainly with Promarkers. I added the candle glow with coloured pencil to take advantage of their opacity. I was pleasantly surprised by the result, and, of course, those gorgeous blues and greens are among my favourite colours. I softened the background using a peach hued coloured pencil, but that hasn't come out at all in the photo.

I used an 8in card, so I matted and layered as shown, including a couple of layers of holographic silver to go with the tiny bit of Glamour Dust I used on the image.

The background was created with Distress Ink and a Lavinia stencil, and then stamped with Versafine Clair and a couple of Lavinia stamps - both 'orbs'.

To complete the card, I die cut more of the holographic card using a very old Sizzix die - you know the thinner plastic ones? I rarely use these, but this one giving a foot long result was perfect for this bigger card.

And that's it.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Monday 11 April 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 131

 The theme for this fortnight's challenge is Landscapes, and it was set by my team mate, Craftygirl.

I love the gorgeous landscapes I see online - those created by users of Lavinia, Inkylicious and Card-io stamps, for example. I'm not remotely artistic, and my attempts always seem lacking to me. I do use them occasionally, and definitely find the wintery ones easier - partly because they need a lot less ink!

Quite a few years ago, I bought the Lavinia stamp Fairy Bridge at Alexandra Palace. I've stamped it several times, but never used in a finished project, as far as I can remember. But, I decided to give it another outing and this is what I came up with.

My normal problem with this stamp is giving it context. This time, after stamping, I extended the rocky area using ink and paper for masking, adding some shading using some Pan Pastel. I used more ink, pastel, and a mask to shade the sun, sky and the water, and framed the image with some grass using a stamp from Inkylicious. I completed the image with another Inkylicious stamp (the bird), some more ink around the edges, and finally some glitter on the water.

I know it's not up to the standard of the ones I see elsewhere, but I'm not unhappy overall. It has definitely helped to continue the rocky foreground.

So, let us see your landscapes - however you create them.

Sunday 27 March 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 130

 The challenge for this fortnight was set by my team mate Jane, and she wants us to Include a Circle.

While challenge themes are available for us team members online, I tend to write out a shortened version to keep where I craft, and I'd written 'circles' for this one. So, I ended up including lots of circles...

I started with a Clarity stamp - in this case, this large circular base. I bought a set of these a while ago, thinking they'd be useful, but have generally been disappointed. The don't take Distress Ink very well (when applied with a brayer). But, courtesy of applying ink directly from an ink pad and then using a brayer to even it out a bit, I finally got the background. I need to play with these some more.

Next, I stamped one of my favourite images - one of the Lillium stamps from Lavina using Versafine Clair. These stamps are gorgeous, and very, very versatile. I often add some detail to this image, but decided to leave well alone this time. I completed the background with another Lavinia stamp - the mini orb (see what I mean about lots of circles...)!

I edged the outside of the card with a Sharpie pen, and mounted the image on to a white card, and that's it. It's quite a simple card, and I may even add a sentiment when I use it, but it would also work as is.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 13 March 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 129

 My team mate Jennie has set the challenge for this fortnight, and she wants to see Easter Chicks or Rabbits.

I had to think about this one, as I don't have any stamps that would work well for this. And then I had a look at my digital stamps and found the perfect one! It's from Phindy, and I know I've had it for many years, and I suspect it was a freebie at the time, but I honestly can't remember.

Isn't it a sweet image? Anyway, I coloured the image with Promarkers, although I added fine detail with some fineliner pens. I added a little shading with pencil, and background colour using Distress Ink. The image and mat were cut using Tonic dies.

The background uses more Distress Ink and a Clarity Stamp stencil. Finally, I added a sentiment with a Woodware stamp and Versafine Clair ink.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Monday 28 February 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 128

 The challenge for this fortnight has been set by my team mate Maggie and she has chosen the theme of St. Patrick's Day.

One of my son's has a birthday at the end of February, and he always ends up getting a very green birthday card, and this year is no exception.

I started with the Creative Expressions paper weaving die and three shades of green card. I trimmed the result and framed it in white before adding a sentiment and the kite which was cut using a Tattered Lace die. I can't remember who made the 'Happy Birthday' die.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 13 February 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 127

 The challenge for this fortnight has been set by my team mate Hazel, and she wants things on the theme of Light and Dark.

There are a lot of potential ideas for this theme, but I went for one which seems obvious to me - a scene with light and dark within the picture.

I started with a rough area of shading - green shading to blue with some brighter sunshine/sunset colours in the middle, achieved with Distress Ink. I then added a Lavinia fairy - which I got by subscribing to a magazine many years ago - and continued with the overhead brances which use a much more recent Lavinia purchase. The lower vegetation is mainly (or perhaps all) Inkylicious. I must admit, both ranges have some very similar vegetation, and it can be hard to tell them apart. All stamping used Versafine Clair ink in black (for the fairy/toadstool) and green for the vegetation. I then added more depth to the background shading, darkening the edges to create a 'tunnel' effect. Then I added a little water sprinkle to the background sky, and some colour to the overhead berries with a paint pen and sparkle to the fairy with a glitter gel pen. I made the toadstool more opaque using Koh-i-Noor pencils in a variety of brown shades. Finally, I further darkened the outer areas using some Versafine Clair ink for its opacity.

I used similar techniques here, but started with a Brusho background printed from a gel plate. The result was very pale, but I added Distress Ink to define the edge colours. The stamps this time are Lavinia (fairy) and Printable Heaven (extra dandelion heads and fluff) as well as Inkylicious (flowers). As above, I finished the flowers with some paint pen, and added some sparkle to the fairy with glitter gel pen.

Sunday 30 January 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 126

 The theme for this fortnight has been set by my team mate Debbie, and she wants to see your creations on the theme of: All About Love/Hearts.

I started with a stamp from Clarity. It's one of their seasonal wreaths, and the Autumn one is this heart-shaped one. I added some extra leaves from the same set, and a sentiment which is also from Clarity. I added colour to the stamped image using Promarkers, and the the edges using Distress Ink.

A simple card for my oh who prefers things which are on the simple side.

I do hope you can join us this time.

Sunday 16 January 2022

International Art and Soul Challenge 125

 I've chosen the theme for this fortnight, and I want you to Get Inky! It doesn't matter how you use the ink - stamping, stencilling, water-based techniques - but there has to be ink (preferably mainly ink) on your creation.

I started with a few stencils from a variety of manufacturers and Distress Ink in Spiced Marmalade, Ripe Persimmon, and Shabby Shutters. I blended the colours in patches through the stencils. Then, I cut the result using a Tonic die, and stuck the squares in place on some brown card.

Next, I used a Stamps by Chloe die from a recent Creative Stamping magazine and cut the butterfly three times from card inked in the three Distress shades. I layered it as you see, adding a sticky gold dot to the centre point.

Finally, I stamped a John Lockwood/Creative Expressions sentiment in Versafine Clair ink in Acorn. I shaded the background with Distress Ink, and added a little detail to the flowers with glitter gel pens. 

And that's it. It's intended for a friend whose 97th birthday is coming up soon.

I'm looking forward to seeing your inky creations, and if you add a photo of your inky hands to your post, I'll know I'm not alone in always having interestingly coloured hands after a crafting session!

Sunday 2 January 2022

International Heart and Soul Challenge 124

 It's a new year! I hope you all had a lovely Festive Season and that 2022 is very kind to all of us.

The challenge for this fortnight is to make something that isn't a card. Apart from that, the choice is yours. In fact, I feel a bit of a cheat compared to my team-mates who have made some amazing things, but right now, (mid-December) I don't have time to do anything I don't urgently need, so I went for some Christmas tags.

I started with 2 sheets of A4 Hobbycraft smooth card. Using Distress Oxide ink in Speckled Egg, Broken China and Hickory Smoke, I 'smooshed' the damp card to create a pale background. When the sheets were dry, I went to work. I used Distress Ink in Blueprint Sketch, Broken China, Evergreen Bough, Pine Needles, and Festive Berries which I applied lightly with blending brushes.

Then, with a stencil from Stamperia, I applied some Crafter's Companion metallic ink in Silver and Pewter. Then, I stamped both sheets randomly with snowflakes (from the most recent edition of Creative Stamping Magazine, and a Lavinia text stamp using mainly Versafine Clair ink, although for a few I used some Blueprint Sketch),.

Then, I cut sections of both sheets using part of a Tonic die set. I then finished each piece by edging with a suitable ink, before sticking the result to more white card cut using the same die set.

To complete, I added some silver cord, and they're ready to write and apply to gifts.

I do hope you can join us this time!


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